Unique Classes at Northeastern

Are you interested in a future medical career serving Spanish-speaking populations? Curious about how to say bunion in Spanish? Perhaps you are looking to up your Spanish “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes,” game? If so, say no more. Northeastern offers the perfect class for you!

This semester, I enrolled in Intermediate Spanish 1 for Healthcare Professionals. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was hoping to at least expand my Spanish vocabulary along the way. Having not taken a Spanish class since high school, I was especially worried about how I would fare during the lesson; however, immediately upon entering the classroom, the professor made me feel at ease and created an environment where I felt very comfortable participating. She was also very conscious of including every student in conversations, which immediately created a collaborative atmosphere. Within the first class, I learned numerous parts of the body, plenty of medical terminology, and a handful of diseases in Spanish for good measure. In addition to learning extensive vocabulary, in every class we expand on grammar and get the chance to practice medical situations, such as doctor and patient interactions. Outside of the classroom, we reinforce lessons we have learned through weekly blogs, where we write about different healthcare topics in Spanish, such as dietary norms or healthcare differences in hispanic countries. 

Prior to taking the class, I was very unsure of what to expect, but I am thankful that Northeastern offers language classes that have such a targeted and practical purpose. Some of my classmates, such as nursing or biochemistry majors, are particularly excited to put the information from this class to use during their future clinical co-ops. As I am interested in doing public health work at an international scale, I know that learning diseases and health issues in another language will be very relevant in my future career. 

Thanks to this class, I can now conduct a basic physical exam, understand different health emergencies, and contrast healthcare systems in another language. So whether you are just trying to add to your reservoir of random words you know in another language, or you have relevant career aspirations, I cannot recommend Spanish for Healthcare Professionals enough!

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