Only at Northeastern

October 19th. 9:00 pm. Speare Plaza.

It is absolute madness, but it’s also one of the most iconic events of the year: The Underwear Run!

There’s a few things that scream Northeastern: the lunch rush at Rebecca’s, the Doghouse/student section at hockey games (that one physically screams Northeastern), and the annual Underwear Run!

Last year, I passed on this classic event, but after watching a massive swarm of students only in their undergarments, I decided I could not miss out again. So this year, I joined the madness! This tradition has been occuring at Northeastern for the past 14 years and to describe it as madness is honestly a bit of an understatement. If the prospect of storming the streets of Boston at night in minimal clothing at all intrigues you, then I highly recommend participating.

First, the runners form a mosh pit in Speare Plaza — complete with a DJ — where everyone participating gets hyped up and dances together. Then, once the enthusiasm has reached an acceptable level, the run commences and students proceed to the course. The enormous flock of runners take over campus, running past some of the most iconic spots, including Snell Library and Centennial Common. 

After passing through the West Village Quad, runners move on towards Huntington Avenue, where the Northeastern Police Department shuts down the street to traffic, so that students can take over. My favorite part was definitely running on Huntington all the way to the Prudential Center, where we passed by stopped cars filled with confused, yet amused drivers, many of whom l rolled down their windows to get a better view of the event. I high-fived many perplexed onlookers who, despite their confusion, still cheered us on. Continuing past the Prudential Center, we made our way down Hemenway Street and eventually made it back to Speare Plaza. Somehow throughout the entire run, I managed to not get separated from the majority of my friends, which was quite the feat. Even though the running stopped, the hype lived on and we rejoined a newly formed dance party occurring in Speare Plaza yet again!

Although it was a bit chilly at first, the entire experience was absolutely electric, and I can’t recommend it enough! I think I now have a new favorite Northeastern tradition!

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