A Collective Haul of Study Spots

In the spirit of finals, I decided to compile a list of my favorite places to study on and around campus. If you’re like me, then studying in a silent library is not the most ideal location to do work. So hopefully this list contains some insight into other study spots around Northeastern.

Spots on campus:

  • ISEC (Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex): Arguably my preferred spot on campus, ISEC has a great atmosphere and open layout that always help to channel my productivity. With six levels that each have multiple studying spaces, it is easy to find a place to set up shop. If eliminating noise and outside distractions is the goal, the bottom floor also has fun, egg-shaped pod chairs that do a good job of blocking noise. Cafe Strega is also located in ISEC, to accommodate any study break food necessities.  
  • Any empty classroom: Often forgotten about, empty classrooms can be ideal locations to do work with a group of friends, especially when Snell Library is overcrowded. Buildings, such as Shillman and Richards, seem to always have space available at night or on the weekends, making them good places to check. 
  • Afterhours: Located conveniently close to the Starbucks in Curry Student Center, Afterhours is a venue that sometimes features musicians or speakers. This location is fantastic for studying, as good music and coffee are both featured. The atmosphere is most similar to a café with a calm, yet dynamic energy to it.
  • Tatte/Marino: While perhaps not the most obvious place to write an essay, something about the close proximity to all the wonderful pastries from Tatte and the active energy present in Marino creates an interesting, but productive dynamism. There are almost always tables open, unless you visit around noon on a Sunday when all the seats will be filled with the weekend brunchers. 
  • The great outdoors: In the rare event that the weather is actually warm in Boston, Northeastern has many outdoor spaces on campus to do work while enjoying the sun. 
    • Centennial Commons: A crowd favorite, Centennial Commons is one of the main green spaces on campus. Located next to Ruggles Station, students can always be found enjoying the nice weather in adirondack chairs or lounging in hammocks. 
    • The law library quad: Next to Northeastern’s law school, this quad has less traffic than most, making it a great spot to do work without being distracted by passerbyers.
    • ISEC: In the warmer months, tables are put up outside and making ISEC once again a fantastic location to do work. 

Places near campus:

  • Boston Public Library: One of the most magnificent buildings in Boston, the BPL has a gorgeous reading room filled with long tables and green lamps, making it an excellent place to study. The overall atmosphere feels much more like a museum than a library, which is why a study trip is the perfect excuse to go check it out and spend some quality time there. 
  • Cafés: I have also found that cafés are great places to study, as they offer both sustenance and good atmospheres. Luckily, or perhaps not so lucky for my bank account, Northeastern is located close to many great cafés and bakeries. Here are some of my favorites:
    • Farmer Horse Café
    • Caffè Nero
    • Caffè Bene
    • Oakleaf Cakes Bake Shop
    • Pavement
    • Render Coffee
  • The Prudential Center: Another location off campus that is perfect for studying is in the Prudential Center. Although sometimes busy with frantic shoppers, there are lots of spots to sit, making it a nice place to get off campus and get work done without going too far. 

In conclusion, one should never feel limited by Snell library or dorm room common spaces. Northeastern is filled with great study spots, and is in close proximity to a wide variety of locations in Boston that will cater to all studying needs. 

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