Why Northeastern?

As a tour guide at Northeastern University, I love to talk about my school, whether it’s explaining the concept of co-op to confused looking high school students and their parents or telling stories from my transition to Northeastern as a freshman. I always reserve the last stop on my tour to tell visitors why I decided on Northeastern. There were many reasons why I ended up choosing Northeastern, but to simply sum it up, I went with my gut. Throughout the entire college application process, I was always most excited about Northeastern. From first submitting my application to finally getting accepted, when I pictured myself in college, the visual always seemed to consist of huskies, co-ops, and Centennial Common. So my advice to any confused high school seniors is to trust your instincts. If I had followed this advice, I would have chosen to go to Northeastern much earlier instead of waiting days before the decision deadline, which probably would have made my last year in high school much less stressful. Alas, that was not the case, but I am forever thankful that I ultimately went with my gut feeling instead of staying in my comfort zone or following the footsteps of friends. 

To me, Northeastern represents something exciting and new. Not just to my freshman self, but I believe that with Northeastern’s unconventional class and co-op schedule it is a place that remains exciting and will never feel boring or antiquated. Fresh faces and new experiences come with each semester, which was one of the aspects I was looking forward to the most at Northeastern. I enjoyed my time in high school, but with the same group of students in most of my classes I was more than ready for change, which is why Northeastern was perfect for me. 

In addition to Northeastern’s innovative class/co-op schedule, the location also really appealed to me. Boston is a young city. Go to almost any cafe and take a look around, the majority of the customers will be under 25. Being an out-of-state student from Virginia, I knew I wanted to go to school in a lively city that I had yet to explore. After being here for over a year, I can say that Boston never disappoints. Every weekend there are always a slew of fun events to attend, such as food or book festivals. A “what to do in Boston this weekend” Google search has yet to fail me thus far. Boston is simply a city one can never be bored in. 

Another reason why I was and remain so excited by Northeastern is the emphasis on experience. If you have toured Northeastern at all, you have probably heard about the four pillars of experiential learning that it prides itself on: Co-op, Global Experience, Service-Learning, and Research. Unlike some of my peers, I have never had a singular vision of what my future career will look like. It typically changes week to week, depending on whatever latest career in the public health realm has caught my eye. So for me, the chance to go on co-op has been incredibly valuable. Getting to work as a professional before graduating makes me feel much more confident in my education, so I can tailor it to best serve me and take classes that are the most beneficial.

Additionally, even before applying to Northeastern I researched the different programs and majors and fell in love with the Health Science curriculum. Flexibility was essential to me because I did not want my undergraduate experience to be riddled with generic, irrelevant classes. The Health Science major at Northeastern has allowed me to take interesting classes, fulfill my minor requirements, and still graduate in four years with two co-ops. As a disclaimer, not all programs have the same flexibility, but I encourage anyone considering applying to Northeastern to take a closer look at different programs that might be of interest.

Finally, Northeastern’s campus has really become a home to me over this past year and a half, which is why I choose to come back every semester. The people I have met here have played a huge role in this, from the incredible professors I have had, who have helped shape my career path to the friends I made during orientation and still live with today. I hope through this post that anyone considering Northeastern has a good understanding of the aspects that most appealed to me. Furthermore, if any high school seniors are struggling with their decisions, I wish you the best of luck and just remember to trust your instincts. 

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