An Abrupt End to a Great Year

This past month away from Boston has given me ample time to reflect on the year and look through old photos and memories. I have decided to do a wrap-up of all the cool events I was able to attend at Northeastern this past year.

Homecoming Headliner:

John Mulaney and Nick Kroll performed live stand-up at Northeastern during our Homecoming celebrations.

In October, Northeastern celebrated homecoming with special events throughout the week. The highlight for me was the Homecoming Headliner show, where I watched John Mulaney and Nick Kroll perform live stand-ups and conduct a hilarious Q&A. The night began with a performance from opening act Emmy Blotnick. Extremely funny and very talented, Emmy was relatable to the crowd of college students. The whole event was hilarious and I don’t think I have ever laughed that hard for so long. It was an extremely memorable event and a great way to take a break from studying for midterms. 

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations: Samantha Power

Samantha Power visited Northeastern and answered questions during a live Q&A

Northeastern hosts an ongoing series, The Civic Experience, which brings in a wide variety of speakers covering different issues. In January this year, I was able to attend one of these programs, where Samantha Power, the former US Ambassador to the UN, was interviewed. It was a great opportunity to hear her talk about her career path and international affairs. She also took time to answer questions from Northeastern students.

Global Health Conference:

This year, I attended Global Health in a Changing World: People, Planet, Technology. This Global Health Conference at Northeastern, which is partially run by students, brought many different speakers to campus to discuss a wide range of global health issues. My favorite lecture from the event was a presentation by Dr. Andreas Pottakis discussing health concerns created by the EU migration crisis. 

Winter Walk for Homelessness

Boston Winter Walk 2020

Another neat event that I attended for the first time this year was the Winter Walk for Homelessness in Boston. I joined the event with a group of students from the Alliance of Civically Engaged Students. We participated in a walk around Boston on one of the coldest days of the year to raise awareness and money for those citizens of Boston that do not have a warm place to sleep at night. I thought this was an eye-opening event and plan on participating in future years, in support of those experiencing homelessness in our city. 

Climate Change Open Classrooms

Another really interesting opportunity at Northeastern is the Myra Kraft Open Classroom, hosted by the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs. This is a lecture series that occurs each semester and is open to the general public and the entire Northeastern community. This semester, the series focused on Climate Change, and each week, they brought in speakers that discussed a wide range of topics related to the issue.  I particularly enjoyed this series, especially since I am on co-op and have missed the typical classroom setting. I highly encourage anyone in the Boston area to look into this ongoing series, which happens each semester.


Northeastern’s Council for University Programs hosted many concerts this year, including Ashe and Maya Lucia.

This year I joined the Council for University Programs, also known as CUP. This organization hosts different programming for Northeastern Students, such as showing the new film, Knives Out. They also bring many different artists to perform at Northeastern. This year, the concerts included Ashe, Spencer with Julian Yeboah and Mint Green, STL GLD with Cliff Notez, Riz La Vie, and Zaia. I always enjoy going to these concerts because you get to be close to the performers as they are usually in AfterHours, which is a small venue we have on campus. 

Boston, I miss you.

Reflecting back on my time at Northeastern these past semesters, I am very grateful to all the opportunities I have had. Although I was sad my time was cut a bit short, it has been amazing to see the Northeastern community find ways to engage while social distancing. For example, events such as yoga classes, lecture series, and club meetings have been moved online so students and faculty can still feel connected. I am looking forward to upcoming semesters at Northeastern, especially with an enriched appreciation for the great community I have found there. 

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